US Trust, Bank of America’s Private Wealth Management

US Trust, Bank of America’s Private Wealth Management

Caring For Your Child Post Separation

CARING FOR YOUR CHILDREN POST SEPARATION   Children are the most precious and loved part of our lives from the time they are born. The realities in our society regarding intimate/marital relationships is that relationships change and often times end. As adults, it is our responsibility to protect and care for our children, which in […]

David J. Steerman, Panelist at Pennsylvania Institute of CPA Divorce Conference

David J. Steerman, partner in the Family Law Group at Klehr Harrison Harvey Branzburg, was a panel member at the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants Divorce Conference.  Mr. Steerman spoke about Real Estate Assets and Liabilities in Support and Equitable Distribution proceedings. Mr. Steerman concentrates his practice on family

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

“I want the kids, I want the house, but first I’m taking the dog.”  While custody, support and alimony steal most of the headlines in divorce, another challenging issue is who gets to keep the family pet when a marriage dissolves.  People pamper the family pooch as much they do their children as evidenced by […]

Is Binding Arbitration In Family Law For you?

In this day and age of overcrowded and extremely slow court dockets, open court rooms where your most private and/or intimate personal and financial details are being discussed in public, and Judges  and Masters who often feel overworked, under compensated and overloaded with the details of peoples lives, is Binding Family Law Arbitration the righ